To celebrate Father’s Day, we wanted to create some online content to encourage other barbers to share a moment with their own father to coincide with father’s day.

“As barbers we spend every day talking to clients, but we’re not always good at talking about ourselves. The last year has been tough on everyone’s mental health, and sadly there have been some tragedies within the barbering community.

Due to the pandemic I’ve hardly seen my dad, so a few Sunday’s ago I invited him to the salon to spend some much overdue quality time together. I want to use Father’s Day this week as an opportunity for others barbers to share a moment with the father figure in their life.”– Daniel Rymer, June 2021

reshuffling #BarbersAndTheirFathers

(The video was filmed on a Sunday when the salon was closed to other clients. Daniel and his father bubbled up before filming and had a negative test. The crew all wore PPE)